Taxiphyllum barbieri (Java moss)


Java moss is definitely a very hardy plant! It grows under a large range of temperature, light and pH. It climbs up hardware or decor, growing even outside the water if enough humidity is provided. I have even heard of Java moss resurrecting after a long dry period!

Here are some info about Taxyphyllum barbieri (Source):

  • Temperature: 15°C to 28°C
  • pH: 5.0 to 8.0
  • Water hardness: 6°d to 20°d

Some sources claim that Java moss has a slow growth. However, my experiences have shown that although it takes some time to acclimate to a new environment, it grows quite fast after that.

Depending on the water flow, Java moss accumulates a lot of debris between its leaves. Shrimps and fishes can take care of that for while. The plant itself is also consuming much of those debris after they decompose.

Java moss can be attached to a net to form a very nice carpet. See mine below…


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